September 24, 2020

Sunday Boba Bike Club

School has claimed my soul. As is probably apparent by the fact that I haven't posted anything since my comic, distance learning has taken up much of my free time. While I understand the need for online classes, I can't pretend that I like this form of learning and don't miss the social aspect of school.

In order to fulfill our basic social needs, me and two of my friends have started getting together every Sunday to bike to a tea/coffee place and hang out (while wearing masks and social distancing of course). I followed the quarantine orders very strictly when they were first announced, so these meetings with my friends are the first time I've seen anyone outside of my immediate family in 5 months. Anyway, we've decided to call ourselves the Sunday Boba Bike Club.

As everyone is aware, no club is official without club patches, so I decided to make some myself out of beads, embroidery thread, and scraps of felt. Basically, I cut some patch-sized circles out of felt, as well as some simple shapes to block out the face and boba cup on the patch. I then used a sewing machine to tack down the smaller pieces of felt in order to get the basic design of the patch. Afterwards, I spent many, many English classes embroidering the club name and other details as I listened to my teacher on Zoom. When I finished with the embroidery, the only remaining steps were to sew on small glass beads to represent boba, glue on the hair poofs, and finish the edges with a blanket stitch. All in all, it was definitely time-consuming and took a lot of effort. I somehow always manage to underestimate how long it takes to embroider something.

Of course my friend had to cut her hair off right when I finished the patches.

I displayed the finished patches to my friends and I think they really liked them! I'm glad since this has become my favorite tradition since the pandemic began. As of now, there are only 3 official members of the Sunday Boba Bike Club. However, if you want to join our club, here's what you have to do:

1. Bike to a tea or coffee place of your choice with your friends every Sunday

2. Make Sunday Boba Bike Club patches however you please

Congrats! You are now an official member of the Sunday Boba Bike Club! I hope you take this time to have fun and unwind.